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          How it works
          Fast and Easy!!
          The new version of the will automatically detect the best matched colors and will generate a set of color palettes from it. To vectorize an image follow the steps mentioned below or view the video above. STEPS TO FOLLOW Step 1: Choose an image from your computer. Step 2: After the image image is uploaded and placed on the stage, will create a set of color palette automatically, which you can customize to your needs. Step 3: To optimize your vector file you can Increase or decrease the number of colors depending on the image. However, the application will auto generate the color palettes each time. Step 4: Check whether the color palette generator has the colors of your uploaded image. If any color is missing, you can pick the color from the image on stage. Step 5: Optimize the simplify value to smoothen the vector paths. Step 6: After you have chosen all color pallets, click ‘Generate’. It will convert the uploaded image to vector.
          Vector Conversion Features
          • Automatic Color Palette
          • Pick color from stage
          • Change color of the vector
          • Merge similar colors